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Help & Info about MyCam for windows

  • What is MyCam?

    This is special software that allows users to take pictures and record videos with their webcam. Special filters and effects can also be added to images and the images can then be saved and shared through various different channels, while the software has been designed to be very easy to use.
  • What are the Main Features of MyCam?

    The software makes it possible to record and send images to mobile phones and other devices or enable video broadcasting to send those images as they are being recorded. The software comes with an album that can be used to manage media files and store them in a single place.
  • Is MyCam Free?

    A version of the software has been created that is completely free to download and use. Users who find that they require access to the full range of features and effects can also choose to purchase the software for a onetime fee if they prefer, although there is no pressure to do so.
  • How can I Remove the MyCam Watermark?

    People who are using the free version of the software will find that their images are stamped with a watermark. This watermark can only be removed by purchasing the full version of the software for a onetime fee.
  • What are MyCam Filters?

    The software comes fully loaded with a number of filters that can be used to change the appearance of images and videos. A large number of default filters are supplied that render the images in different tones, while users also have the option of importing their own filters to use with the software.
  • Can I Share the Images I Create Using MyCam?

    People who have created videos that they are proud of can broadcast those videos onto YouTube with a single click. A special link is also provided so that users can share their images on Facebook and other types of social platforms for other people to admire.
  • How Does the MyCam Code Scan Feature Work?

    In order to take advantage of the software’s code scan feature, users simply need to place any item that bares a barcode or QR code close to their. The content of the will be copied will be automatically copied to clipboard once it has been recognised and a URL will be opened so that the number is searched by Google.
  • How Can I Access the Full Screen Mode in MyCam?

    In order to show images in full screen mode, users simply need to double click on the video to full screen mode and window mode. Pressing the ESC key will return the image to the window mode.
  • Can I Add Multiple Video Effects with MyCam?

    Multiple videos effects can be added to videos by holding the CTRL key when users are selecting a video effect item. The effect that has been selected by the user will then be added instead of simply replacing the existing effects.
  • Which Webcams is MyCam Compatible With?

    The software has been designed to be fully compatible with all types of webcams and should start working as soon as it is launched. No special configuration is required and the software does not even need to be installed before it can be used.


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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.