MyCam 2.2

Easily take snapshots and record video with any webcam

MyCam is a simple standalone application that lets you take snapshots and record video with your webcam. View full description


  • No installation required
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Works with any webcam


  • Supports very few formats
  • Almost no configuration options


MyCam is a simple standalone application that lets you take snapshots and record video with your webcam.

No matter which webcam brand you use, MyCam will work with it right away. The program doesn’t need any special configuration – in fact, it doesn’t even need installation – and is really easy to use. Simply run the EXE file, let it connect with the camera and you’re ready to go.

The downside to being that simple is that MyCam hardly features any configuration settings. All you can do is choose between JPG or BMP for camera snapshots, and MPEG or AVI for videos, besides setting video quality and framerate.

Then again, if all you want to do is capture simple webcam videos and snapshots without all the rings and bells of other applications, MyCam is what you’re looking for.

MyCam is a very simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you record video and take snapshots with your webcam.



MyCam 2.2

User reviews about MyCam

  • Sarada A

    by Sarada A

    "it is nice"

    it is nice and we can take any photo or a capture download and enjoy.   More.

  • Jesse Rotundo

    by Jesse Rotundo

    "i want it to be awesome"

    not sure havent been able to down load it very curious oon how well it workd..   More.

  • Sakura Kinomoto1149089174

    by Sakura Kinomoto1149089174


    very good camera...........................................................................................   More.

  • Moni HerrNog

    by Moni HerrNog

    "It's usefull for simple videos, almost without inconviniences. "

    I really like it and found usefull. You can made simple videos for a quick search of problems or mistakes and correct...   More.

  • TheMining Team

    by TheMining Team


    It crashes when I try to change the still settings. So it is pretty unstable..   More.

  • arm 05 pro

    by arm 05 pro

    "is the best"

    i think is the best but it want when you save it want to do something..   More.